Environment, Safety and Health Policy

Orient Semiconductor Electronics Ltd. (OSE) was established in 1971, and engages in semiconductor IC packaging/testing and electronics manufacturing services. For the management of environmental protection, safety and health, our company, based on the philosophy of “sincerity and credibility achieving sustainable business development”, is dedicated to pursue pollution prevention, overall company safety and health promotion, and fulfill the enterprise social responsibility. To achieve above objectives, we commit the following:

  • Comply with government and work for meeting international contemporary laws and regulation of environment, safety health and energy management.
  • Implement environmental protection via business strategy, cherish resource and energy, elevate the technique of waste reduction as well as recycling and reuse, prevent and reduce emission of pollution to protect ecology on earth.
  • Reinforce safety nature of production activities as well as prevent injury and illness to build up a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment and promote health of employees.
  • Deepen the green production and enhance the management of green supply chain to create green competitiveness for products.
  • Realize communication, coordination and environment, safety and health education; improve the performance of environment, safety and health management continuously.

Chairman of the Board Edward S. Duh
Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd.
Promulgation date 29 March 2017

ISO14001-2013 certificate OHSAS18001-2013 certificate CNS-15506 certificate

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