Defect Prevention

Here at OSE, we understand the importance of preventing defects rather than removing them after production. Our proactive mindset ensures that no time or resources are wasted on unnecessary problems.

Process Design and Audit

Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize the defects passed on to the next stage. Our processes are frequently audited and improved to ensure compliance and performance. Our array of in-process testing equipment and procedures form the basis of our overall process design strategy.

For example, the production of server motherboards is performed according to the following general process flow chart, with multiple quality checkpoints ensure that no defect will reach shipment.

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Operator Verification

In a high-mix production environment, where many products coexist and process change-overs are frequent, it's especially important to implement a system to verify operator qualifications.

At OSE, each individual operator is trained and retrained annually for a particular array of tasks to ensure an acceptable degree of specialization and expertise. To ensure the correct assignment of operators to tasks:

  • Shift managers have access to a comprehensive matrix of operators and tasks such that only qualified operators are assigned;
  • Operators are required to wear tags indicating their qualifications such that process auditors and engineers can easily confirm their qualifications.

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Statistical Process Control

For repeatable processes such as dimension measurements and failure rates, we employ standard statistical process control techniques to ensure operations are within normal parameters.

    Advantages of employing SPC are twofold:
  • Constant monitoring ensures that engineering staff can be immediately alerted when a problem arises;
  • Data collected are archived, often indefinitely, such that they become valuable tools in future analysis towards evaluating new process improvements.

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Continuous Improvement Programs

We believe that quality is not just about following established rules; we must also continuously seek lower-cost and lower-risk solutions. Our operators, engineers and managers work together to find ways to circumvent defect-inducing elements of our processes.

Continuous improvement is strongly rooted in the culture of OSE. Activities such as quality contests between different production groups and monthly improvement presentations ensure that team members are always recognized for their efforts.

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