Failure Analysis

Our comprehensive testing and failure analysis capabilities can help you diagnose both design and manufacturing problems.

In addition to being your EMS provider, OSE can leverage the capabilities of our Semiconductor Group to become your total testing and analysis laboratory. We can analyze finished devices, assemblies or even individual components and IC's. Whether your problem stems from components, process or design, trust us to find the root cause and better your product.

Laboratory Services

Scanning acoustic microscope (SAM) Transducer: 10MHz / 15MHz / 20MHz / 30MHz / 50MHz / 100MHz / 230MHz
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) A/V: 5-20kV; Magification: 20-100,000×; Resolution: 2.5nm
Energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) Z>4, detection depth: 5-10µm
Curve tracer O/S testing; multi-pins (625 pins)
Probe station 4 manipulator, hot chuck
High/low power optical microscope Eyepiece: 10×; objective: 5-100×
Grinding/polishing machine Variable speed: 40-500rpm
Precision sectioning saw Various blade type, max speed 4000rpm
X-ray Real time observation
Liquid crystal thermal analysis kit Three types of L.C.

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