Finalizing product designs with production in mind is a critical step in optimizing the time, resources and cost of actual production.

OSE always has manufacturability and testability in mind, and we provide the design review services critical to ensuring that issues relating to quality, efficiency and resources are addressed before they become costly problems in the production stage.

At OSE, DFM and DFT are continuous activities that will follow your products through development, production, and redevelopment to ensure that improvements can be realized from one generation to the next.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Before taking your product to the volume production stage, our engineering team will inspect and evaluate your product for manufacturability, from individual components to the entire production line. We aim to reduce complexity and eliminate manual operations where possible, while creating procedures and fixtures that minimize variation and human error. Continuous engagement with your product design team allows us to ensure that a final design will both satisfy your specifications, and be optimized for our operators and assembly lines.

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Design for Testability (DFT)

Throughout the design review process, OSE strives to create a testing strategy that will not only prevent defects from leaving our lines, but also ensure that problems are detected at the earliest opportunity and resolved at the lowest cost.

Our DFT reviews are performed at both product and system levels. We will work with your design engineers to optimize your product and materials for each step of the overall testing strategy so as to ensure a seamless integration between the testing and manufacturing work-flows.

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