New Product Introduction

Our success is dependent on your success, especially when transitioning your prototype to full production. OSE understands the importance of NPI activities to optimize product design, assembly set-up, and material supply chain for trouble-free production.

NPI Management Services

Our engineers can work closely with you on all facets of the product in question. We are not merely concerned with the electrical components and subsystems - our scope expands to our full range of engineering competencies. These include:

  • Electrical engineering, including PCBA design review, layout modification, and material sourcing;
  • Mechanical engineering, including fixture creation, plastic and metal housing design, and packaging design;
  • Testing design, including ICT/ATE testability analysis, fixture management, and tester programming.

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The NPI Process

OSE’s NPI center maintains a rigorous process flow, and our dedicated engineers ensure that any foreseeable issues generated during NPI are addressed before committing to full production.

During the initial NPI planning stage, all of OSE's departments related to production, engineering, materials and quality cooperate to perform the preparation necessary for a first run. These tasks may often include:

  • Preparing the bill of materials;
  • Creating appropriate fixtures;
  • Programming production and testing machines;
  • Establishing a quality monitoring process.

During the initial trial run, crucial data is collected that allows our engineers to assess whether the resulting products are acceptable, and to identify areas for improvement in both the product and process.

Once a pilot run has validated the implemented improvements, you can rest assured that full production may now be carried out in the most efficient manner.

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