Global Capability

We add value at every stage, from NPI to EOL, and strive to help our customers maximize their competitive position.

Since our first engagement in the EMS industry more than 30 years ago, we have maintained a policy of never competing with the customer; accordingly, we do not build any products of our own. OSE is the trustworthy partner you can always count on.

Worldwide Operations

OSE Headquarters
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
30 SMT lines
346,000 sq. ft.

Value-Plus Tech.
Suzhou, China
9 SMT lines
78,000 sq. ft.

Sparqtron Corp.
Fremont, California
3 SMT lines
67,000 sq. ft.

Global Integration

OSE's three EMS locations are fully supported by management, personnel, IT systems, sales and supply chain management. This tight integration ensures that OSE's operations are able to transfer seamlessly between locations, allowing our customers to achieve the right balance between cost, flexibility, location and turn-around time.

  • Taiwan and China Operations

Our main Taiwan and China operations focus on low-cost, high-mix manufacturing with flexible support in DFM (design for manufacturing), material acquisition, PCB assembly, box builds, systems integration, and distribution support.
US based customers can simply contact Sparqtron personnel to arrange for low cost manufacturing services in our China or Taiwan facilities. Doing so will save you the major hassle of locating and transferring your full production to Asia by yourself.

  • US Operations

Our USA subsidiary, Sparqtron, provides quick-turn and flexible high-mix low- volume manufacturing, specializes in prototyping, NPI, engineering change upgrade and repair services with extremely responsive turnaround times, often less than 24 hours. Sparqtron is also a ideal choice for low to medium volume production.

For example, many of our US-based customers find it extremely convenient and productive to use Sparqtron as a main partner for NPI and prototyping, since its proximity ensures highly flexible and responsive service. When mass production is required, it is then effortless to transfer production to our lower-cost Taiwan and China locations.

Sparqtron is an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified and FDA registered medical device contract manufacturing company. Sparqtron has been a Contract Manufacturer of Medical Device for more than 10 years. Please contact Sparqtron for any requirement for Medical Device Contract Manufacturing services in USA.

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