Inspection and Testing

OSE's wide array of in-process and reliability tests ensures that no defect escapes detection. Through constant monitoring and careful process control, our testing strategy creates the tools necessary to continually improve our operations and your products.

Testing Equipment

Our extensive testing capabilities are more than enough to meet any requirements you may have. We aim to draw up a testing strategy that offers complete coverage from defects based on each product's design, component selection, production procedure and batch volume. Below are some highlights of our total testing capabilities:

  • Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

    By applying testing, recording and statistical control at the very first step of the manufacturing process, we can ensure that early problems do not propagate down the production line.

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

    OSE offers both in-line and stand-alone AOI to provide flexibility for any production requirement.

  • In-circuit test (ICT)

    For volume production, OSE's ICT and ATE capabilities enable efficient testing for a wide range of assembly and component defects; capabilities extend to over 5000 testing points and a maximum of 73cm in board width.

  • Flying probe

    Our flying probe testing capability gives you the flexibility to give prototypes and small volume builds full testing coverage, without creating expensive custom fixtures.

  • X-ray inspection

    For BGA, QFN and through-hole components, our X-ray inspection can detect voids, shorts and insufficient fill. These defects are easily detectable with our x-ray machine's a 70° oblique angle, 25fps capture rate and 1200× magnification.

  • ERSA scope

    The ERSA scope enables close visual inspection under BGA components, complementing the x-ray system in inspecting and evaluating BGA solder joints.

  • Function test

    Every product needs a different approach to the function test, because every product performs a different function. Our competent engineering team creates efficient custom testing systems in-house, which are often requested by our customers for their own use.

  • Burn-in test

    Our burn-in testing provides the verification you need that your products will perform, survive and last in real-life environments.

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