PCB Assembly

OSE is an expert contract manufacturer (CM) specializing in high-mix low-volume operations. Our experience and expertise deliver diverse process capabilities, high-end production technology and unrivaled flexibility to all our customers.

Our global distribution of technical capabilities allow us to offer customers an optimized experience with our prototyping, NPI and volume production services. A unified management system and highly skilled engineers ensure that our network functions seamlessly as one, to providing the speed and cost benefits sought by even the most demanding customer.

Manufacturing Technologies and Capabilities

OSE is fully equipped with cutting edge electronics manufacturing components and designs. Combined with our IC packaging services, we can provide a seamless workflow for some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Some highlights of our capabilities include:

  • Advanced surface mount (SMT) components
    • Passive component: down to 0201
    • BGA and µBGA: 3000 IO count or more, including double sided
    • BGA rework and reballing
    • Integrated circuits: pitch down to 0.28mm
  • Direct semiconductor integration
    • Chip-on-board (COB)
    • System-in-package (SiP)
    • Flip chip
  • Adhesive and under-filling
    • Anisotropic conductive film (ACF)
    • Hot bar bonding
  • PCB format: rigid, flex, thin, rigid-flex
  • Press-fit connectors
  • Aqueous cleaning or no-clean processing
  • Fully lead-free production

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