Supplier Management

OSE realizes the importance of stability in a supplier partnership. Our long-term partnerships with strategic suppliers allow us to reduce cost, ensure quality and be proactive in materials defect prevention.

Supplier Survey and Guidance

OSE's supplier surveys allows us to clearly understand the quality system and production processes employed by both existing and potential suppliers. We are able to immediately identify problem areas that need to be addressed, thus reducing potential risk by ensuring the effectiveness and stability of our suppliers' operations.

We work actively with our core suppliers to ensure that they continue to deliver the value and quality sought by our customers. We encourage the implementation of SPC control/analysis and continuous improvement programs, and conduct periodic quality reviews and on-site support to maintain an uncompromising level of quality in the components we receive.

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Audit and Performance Evaluation

We conduct quarterly reviews of supplier performance based on the quality, cost, delivery and flexibility of past shipments. The results are used by our quality engineers and material planning team to appropriately update our supplier strategy and implement plans for improvement.

Based on the results of performance evaluations, we also may conduct audits of suppliers on a regular basis to understand the source of problems, and implement improvements to meet the quality demands of both OSE and our customers.

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