Low Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (LFBGA)

OSE's Low Profile and Fine Pitch BGA enhances and offers flexible design parameters maximizing benefit for space sensitive or high density package applications. This new advanced packaging technology, called "near chip scale package", meets the needs of further size reduction, both for customized and standard outline offerings.


OSE's LFBGA packaging technology is applicable for microprocessors, SRAM, analog and ASICs used in mobile products including portable PCs, notebooks, camcorders and mobile phones.

Packaging Capability

Body size Ball pitch Ball count I/O Package height Ball size
3×3 ~ 19×19 mm 0.5/0.65/0.75/0.8/1/1.6 mm 25 ~ 372 1.21 ~ 1.6 mm 0.30 ~ 0.50 mm
Remark: Packages other than those listed aboved can be made available within 4 - 8 weeks.

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