Low Profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP)


LQFP packages provide similar the metric QFP packages, but thinner (the body thickness is 1.4mm). LQFPs help solve issues such as increasing board density, die shrink programs, thin end product profile and portability. The Lead counts range from 48 to 208. Body sizes range from 7 x 7mm to 28 x 28mm. Copper leadframes are used for the LQFP package. Lead pitches available for LQFP are 0.65mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm and 0.8mm.


It is ideal for ASIC, DSP, controllers, processors, gate arrays (FPGA/PLD), SRAMS and PC chip sets. It is also particularly suitable for light-weight portable electronics such as laptop PCs, video/audio, telecom, cordless/RF, data transmission, office automation, disc drives and communication boards (Ethernet, ISDN).

Packaging Capability

Pkg. width Lead pitch Lead count
48 64 100 128 144 176
7×7×1.4 mm 0.50 mm ×          
7×7×1.4 mm 0.40 mm   ×        
14×14×1.4 mm 0.50 mm     ×      
14×14×1.4 mm 0.40 mm       ×    
14×20×1.4 mm 0.65 mm     ×      
14×20×1.4 mm 0.50 mm       ×    
20×20×1.4 mm 0.50 mm         ×  
20×20×1.4 mm 0.40 mm           ×

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