Quad Flat Package (QFP)


The Quad Flat Package (QFP) is a high lead count and four-sided package with lead extending from the component body on all four sides, predominantly used to house ASIC, logic, and processor devices. QFP components packaged in trays or on tape and reel to protect the component lead that can be easily damaged.


It is ideal for semicon tech such as ASIC, SDP, controllers, processors, gate arrays (FPGA/PLD), SRAMS and PC chip sets. It is also particularly suitable for light-weight portable electronics requiring broad performance, such as laptop PCs, video/audio, telecom, cordless/RF, data transmission, office automation, disc drives and communication boards (Ethernet, ISDN).

Packaging Capability

Pkg. width Lead pitch Lead count
14×20×3.4 mm 0.50 mm ×

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