Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP)


SSOP is a shrunk version of SOP. It is idealy suited where space is premium. Pin counts range from 16 to 96. The reduced footprint and fine pitch with min. 25.0 mil enables smaller, lighter and more compact packages, while still utilizing our standard packaging processes and materials as SOP packages. SSOP is particularly well suited in applications that must withstand extreme temperatures and demand high reliability.


End-user products (pagers, portable audio/video, disc driver, radio, RF/devices-components, telecom) that need reduced size and weight. Semicon family, operational amplifiers, drivers, optoelectronics, controllers, logic, analog, memory, comparative technologies using Bi CMOS, CMOS or other silicon/GAas.

Packaging Capability

Pkg. width Lead pitch Lead count
16 20 24 28 40 48 56 80
150 mil (QSOP) 25.00 mil × × × ×        
150 mil 0.40 mm           ×    
150 mil 0.50 mm         ×     ×
209 mil 0.65 mm   ×   ×        
300 mil 25.00 mil           × ×  

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