Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP)


TQFP family is a reduced body thickness plastic package. This package type is constructed using the latest wire bonding and molding technology to provide surface mount with a nominal body thickness of 1.0mm. It is suitable for applications where height and weight are a critical factor.


TQFP give designers the needed low profile margin in designing and producing high performing products such as disk drives, pagers, wireless, CATV/RF modules, radio and other similar applications.

Packaging Capability

Pkg. width Lead pitch Lead count
32 48 64 100 128
7×7×1.0 mm 0.80 mm ×        
7×7×1.0 mm 0.50 mm   ×      
7×7×1.0 mm 0.40 mm     ×    
14×14×1.0 mm 0.50 mm       ×  
14×14×1.0 mm 0.40 mm         ×
Exposed pad available.

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