System in Package (SiP) Services

System in Package is a combination of one or more wire bonded or flip chip dice with one or more passive components attached to a standard formal microelectronic package. The package forms a functional block or module that can be used as a standard component in board level manufacturing. OSET creates solution based upon customized product requirements and provides product services in assembly, SMT and testing at a lower cost. OSE's MMC, MPM and Image Sensor are based on SiP technology.

With microelectronic packages operating at higher electrical speed, issues such as noise immunity, cross talk, ground bounce, and other electrical parasitics have become major negative influences. Device manufacturer have resolved this issue by the adding of capacitors and other passive components to both wire-bonded and flip chip assembled products. OSE offers System in Package microelectronic solutions and benefits for many of today's demanding product applications such as microprocessors, graphic chips, chip sets, ASIC's cell based designs, and RF products.

OSE's SiP capabilities can be tailored specifically for the customer's needs. Highlights of our products include: