Chairman Message

“Integrity and sustainable operation” is entrepreneurial spirit and business philosophy of OSE. Whether it is serving customers, caring for employees, business operations, being accountable to shareholders and fulfilling corporate citizenship responsibilities, OSE has been consistent for decades.

Adhering to the past beliefs and adhering to the new core values: : ” INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, PROACTIVENESS and EMPATHY “,we continue to focus on R&D, information technology, production capacity, talent cultivation and global operations, and strengthen internal management capabilities. Establish an organizational learning knowledge base, specification and design of operational processes, cost management and control, and coordination and communication within the organization. The management team adheres to the concept of sustainable management, fulfills its social responsibilities with its core competencies, strives to achieve economic, environmental and social goals, and responds to issues of interest to stakeholders in a timely manner to make information more transparent. In response to the ever-changing products, we continues to focus on more quality and resources in product quality and innovative research and development; while expanding the market and manufacturing products, it also spares no effort in product quality, supplier and customer management, and hopes to achieve economic and social development. And the co-prosperity of the environment. Looking into the future, with the development of the international situation, the company will closely grasp the pulse of the market, respond to changes in the economic situation, and continue to operate steadily. In terms of environment, we have implemented many measures to save energy resources, reduce waste and properly dispose of waste water and waste. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to climate change and global warming issues, systematically manage and count greenhouse gas emissions, jointly safeguard the natural environment, and do our best for the earth. We strives to provide training for employees to create a quality workplace environment and professional competence. It is not only the cultivation of talents, the health of employees’ physical and mental state, but also the hope to create a healthy and healthy workplace and show the vitality of OSE.

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