Training and Development

Development structure

Training in Orient Semiconductor Electronics cooperates with our business philosophy, targets of departmental performance and employees’ development needs, to construct a comprehensive education system, which would like to improve the quality of human resource, strengthen professional skills and evoke personal potential, then develop employees’ personal career.

Diverse-structured development

We use various resources to provide employees diverse developmental training and learning channels, deepen professional knowledge and refine skills, then assist employees to step on stages with praise, meanwhile have them make progress on growth and development.

Double-track career planning

Since being people-oriented, OSE attaches great importance on employee training, welfare and education.
It’s aimed to provide specific training for the employees as well as to give them opportunities and motivation.Uni-President has organized employees’training based on their personal traits, the company’s standards, and the need for their work.

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Compensation and Benefits

OSE Welfare
Life in


  • We design payment structure according to attributes of each job.
  • We provide a transparent promotion system, and retention program for outstanding staff.

Insurance system

  • Base on the Labor Standards act and related regulations, our employees are covered by well-protected care net.

OSE Welfare Committee

  • In charge of coordinating thewelfare practices of employees.

Compensation and Benefits-Payment structure

  • Annually pension depositing(At least 6% of salary)
  • Labor insurance, health insurance, and regular physical examination.
  • Gifts for the blessing(e.g. birthday, wedding…etc.) and solatium for condolence.
  • Holiday bonus for 3 Chinese festivals
  • Company trip
  • Year-end party
  • Employee restaurant
  • Wedding accompanying leave
  • Breastfeeding room

Healthy Care

To aim on mental and physical health, OSE provides safe working environment, for allowing employees to live in peace.

Physical Health

Annual Health Examination (Normal/Special check)

* New employee physical check
* Periodic/fully inspection, eyesight protection
* Blood donation
* Women care
* Oral/colon cancer screening, liver examination
* Flu vaccination
* Health lecture/survey

Mental Health

Mental counseling, depression scale, and LOHAS life lecture

* Mental counseling
*Depression scale
*Life lecture

Physical strengthening

Eye exercises (in production line), office exercises

* Fitness test
* Exercise promotion
* Physical strengthening promotion (aerobic class)

Safe workplace

Maternity Protection(pregnancy health guidance),Health service by occupational doctor (on-site seeing) occupational doctor service ​

* Emergency medical aid & equipment
* Paramedic first aid emergency training
* Mother health care
* Over work prevention  plan, injury tracking & care
* Special disease control

Life in OSE-Annual Family Day

Sweating, Enthusiasm Inspiring, Morale gathering, Intimacy cultivating
, Team work spirit accelerating

Life in OSE- Celebrity Lectures

Periodically invite celebrities to deliver diverse perspectives and life experiences, to have employees’ mind rich, and catch up the trend.

Life in OSE- Various Clubs

Club activities enhance colleagues’ interaction.
Community activities delight busy days colorfully.

Life in OSE-Year-end party

A big party for hard-working staff to celebrate the wonderful year, let everybody enjoy an unforgettable night; also be well prepared for challenges next year.

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