System in Package

SiP (System in Package) is a functional module with integrated circuits to combine one or multiple IC chips, passive components, antennas…and so on in a package form factor.

Types of SiP :

  • MCM (Multi-chip Module)
  • MCP (Multi-chip Package)
  • Stacked Die Packaging
  • PoP (Package on Package)
  • PiP (Package in Package)
  • Embedded Substrate

As Electronics Devices are becoming smaller and smaller with high efficiency, 3D packaging technology(MCP、Stack Die、PoP、PiP) could fit into the market demand.

Package in Package


3D Structure

Package on Package


3D Structure

Multi-chip Package


3D Structure

Advantages of SiP :

  • Short Lead Time : Lifetime is around 6 months for personal mobile phone as Electronic Devices tend to have shorter product life cycle. However, a SoC(System on Chip) takes one to two years to develop while SIP(System in Package) could shorten that time to two to three months which is comparatively more competitive.
  • Easy to modify the specification: Capacity is no doubt a crucial factor for many products. If the capacity increases, SiP needs to modify the substrate layout however SoC needs to redesign the IC chip and substrate or even reevaluate the materials which could take lots of time.
  • Small Sized : SiP is to combine multi-chip or packages in a single module ; therefore, the size is smaller compared to traditional SMT module.
  • Low Cost : If we merely consider the assembly cost, SoC is lower than SiP, however, if we consider the total manufacturing cost, then, SiP takes the advantage since SoC could have logic or memory components in one chip which means several special materials(EX: Low K…) or advanced manufacturing process are requiredand thus the unit cost is higher and yield performance could be lower.
  • Good Reliability Performance : Materials for SiP assembly could perform well under high temperature, high humidity or even highly polluted environment.








conventional SoC SiP
Low Cost
Development Time
High Efficiency
Low Power
Thin & Light
Spec. Change

SiP Applications :

Mobile devices, RF Products, wireless/antenna devices, the Internet of things, automobile electronics, power module, PC, Internet, storage devices, etc. Currently, mobile devices have the most extensive applications.

  • OSE has manufacture & design capabilities in both SMT and IC assembly for more than 23 years experience to support our customers with SiP products.
  • For obtaining and development of materials, OSE could meet customers’ requirements since we have close relationships with suppliers.
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