Turn-key Solution Service

OSE,with integration of R&D resources and manufacturing experience, we provide the up-to-date assembly solutions that could effectively shorten the whole cycle time from product design to manufacturing. With superior teams, OSE offers a wide variety of products and packages, including highly-customized products. OSE provides full-scale testing services to ensure all the products go through thorough inspections. OSE offers products with high reliability and steady yield performance. OSE is a leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test services that offers turn-key solutions – wafer probing, substrate/lead frame design, design for manufacturing, assembly, testing, EMS, etc.

OSE has always been committed to R&D innovation and the protection of intellectual property rights. OSE encourages its employees to innovate proposals to propose patent applications with high technical value, which are managed and maintained by a complete patent system in order to protect the results of R&D innovation.
Over the years, our Patent Portfolio related to a variety of packaging and testing technologies and electronic manufacturing service technologies.
Currently, we have obtained a number of patents in Taiwan, the United States, China, Japan,South Korea and other countries. In the future, combining with the company’s operating strategy, we will continue to deepen our niche products and develop new products to meet customers’ needs of technology, quality and service in order to create more intellectual property with high value.

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